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*Scrunch* - "A thriller between science fiction, fantasy & horror"


#2 [skrʌnʧ]

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking rollercoaster ride of the story of *Scrunch*, which begins comfortably at first, only to end in a frenzied crash. After a supposedly idyllic visit to the fair and a sunny Saturday morning, the protagonist Sandra and her family experience a fatal moment of decision: a shopping spree or a walk in the woods? The choice for the latter leads to an unforeseeable tragedy when a deadly threat from twin dogs suddenly arises.

The catchy sound of the title "Scrunch" - crunch, crush - becomes a symbol of the terrifying turn the family's lives take. Together they must face the danger and survive the sinister threat. But is it really all just coincidence, or is there more to the mysterious events?

What begins as a normal family story quickly turns out to be a gripping thriller with surprising elements of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Let yourself be carried away by *Scrunch* and experience how a seemingly ordinary situation is transformed into an eerie and exciting journey into the unknown. The story takes the reader through highs and lows, with an unforgettable finale that isn't over until it's over!

Paperback  ISBN 978-3-7345-9360-4

Hardcover  ISBN 978-3-7345-9361-1

e-Book     ISBN 978-3-7345-9362-8



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Calyx Book Calyx Buch

Paperback   ISBN  978-3-7439-0277-0

Hardcover   ISBN  978-3-7439-0278-7

e-Book         ISBN  978-3-7439-0279-4

Novels & Stories


#3 [ˈkeiliks]

Calyx is the story of an unequal friendship: the good-looking, ambitious Armin, who has just passed his high school diploma with a grade score of 1.0, is completing his community service in an urban hospital. It is a big secret around a room, where the little Dennis is located. He is infected with an incurable and deadly virus. The virus is transmissible by blood and body fluids. Through his isolation from the outside world and the ruthless control of Doctor Pneuma, he has developed into a small monster. However, Armin can not be stopped, and with patience he gains the trust of the little boy. His friend Ruth is not enthusiastic about it. She tries to stop Armin from fearing an infection. However, she also succumbs to the charm and malice of the little Dennis and begins a close friendship, which must end up many adventures outside the allegedly safe hospital.


A novel about friendship and respect with lots of humor, drama, suspense and adventure. Nothing can be planned in life; It always happens differently than you think!



# 5 [prizən: tāpər] Prison: taper: A very ordinary day for the single detective inspector Zora Beckers: several unidentifiable corpses in a junkyard, brutal bank robberies throughout the city, which has kept the population in suspense for weeks and there are none useful clues. As a distraction, she takes the underage hitchhiker Tim with her in her car and soon sees him as the perfect companion for a company party that is to take place towards evening. But it turns out very differently than planned. Zora and Tim are involved in a bank robbery and then pursued by the bank robbers. They know no mercy and every means, no matter how brutal, is right for them to reach their goal: Tim! In the background, Zora's colleague Benno starts the investigation to help the two of them, but the investigation reaches a new dimension, contrary to all imagination and expectations of everyone involved. You will get to know the new ultimate kind of terror.

This is the 5th book by Pascal Ringstahl: After the pure e-book MeinHard, the horror thriller Scrunch about the Twin Dogs, the educationally valuable youth novel Calyx and the unique love story Severity about senseless, time-consuming enthusiasm, he now goes to Prison: taper into the world of crime. Meet old friends in this exciting work and experience how a new kind of hopelessness develops, peppered with humor and numerous allusions from the film and book world.

Paperback    ISBN  978-3-7469-1712-2

Hardcover    ISBN  978-3-7469-1713-9

e-Book          ISBN  978-3-7469-1714-6

VÖ: 2021

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#1 MeinHard:

The story tells in the "I" perspective from 1991 and an indefinite time after. It is mainly read and interpreted in the diaries and letters of the main protagonists. Among other things, it involves the parents' lack of understanding and recklessness towards their children, if they do not adhere to the norm of society, since they would thereby deny their own personality. The story around MeinHard aims at an inevitable ending, a one way ticket without a happy ending.


MeinHard existed from 2014 to 2016 as an e-book exclusively in English-speaking countries. Until now no book edition is planned.

VÖ: 2015

cover (3).jpg

VÖ: Juni 2018

Paperback    ISBN  978-3-7439-0890-1

Hardcover    ISBN  978-3-7439-0891-8

e-Book          ISBN  978-3-7439-0892-5


# 4 [səverəti] Severity is just ONE love story: has not everyone ever experienced it? Something like love at first sight? A feeling as one would know the other one down to the smallest detail? You just want to be together with the other one? The difficulty is only when the person of personal desire does not know or get to know you at all! So it ends then in an eternal senseless enthusiasm, which eventually fades but raises the question again and again: "What if ..." That's what happens to Sabina, a young, handsome, successful and popular student. Her first day at new university and she meets Raymund. He is a cute, stubborn and reserved nerd. The fascination with him makes her forget every clear and logical thought. Only Raymund does not care about her. But Sabina does everything to change that, and it does not end up in a senseless rapture. However, it always happens differently than one hopes in his dreams ... and every cliché is fulfilled. This is the 4th book by Pascal Ringstahl: After the pure e-book MeinHard, the horror thriller Scrunch about the Twin Dogs and the educationally valuable novel Calyx, he now sets out with Severity on a different path: into the futility of fanaticism. Experience the journey into a past, when you suddenly fell in love with a person who in reality did not fit in with you or did not return your feelings. But what would have happened if it had developed a relationship?



...your nightmare is coming soon...


"Very ambitious!"

• Constantin Film 1992 •

"Put more behind it than you suspect"

• Mastermind •

Pascal Ringstahl: Author and dreamer


Pascal Ringstahl was born on December 24 in Cologne and spent his childhood in the idyllic Westerwald before fate brought him to Kerpen-Horrem after the early loss of his mother. The traumatic events of his youth not only shaped his personality, but also his creative passion for writing and the art of film. After an eventful youth, Pascal was drawn back to his native Cologne at the age of 26. There he cherished the dream of attending film school and bringing his visions to life on the big screen. But life had other plans for him, and for family reasons he had to abandon this plan. Despite these setbacks, he never gave up his passion for writing and realizing his dreams. The early loss of his mother and the resulting family circumstances not only shaped his life, but also his artistic work. Even at a young age, he took refuge in his own world of fantasy and dreams. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a director, and although he could not write at first, he found an expression for his thoughts and ideas through drawings and later through screenplays, short stories and novels. Pascal's works are characterized by unexpected twists and profound characters who find themselves in extraordinary situations, transforming both externally and internally. Each of his books is self-contained, but he skillfully interweaves characters and storylines that have an impact on the stories of his other works. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Pascal Ringstahl, an author who transcends the boundaries of reality with his stories and takes his readers on an unforgettable journey through the human psyche and the realm of fantasy.



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